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Virtual Santa Visits are Here to Stay


Demand for Virtual Santa Visits is Skyrocketing! 

Virtual Santa Visits have quickly become the preferred experience for families looking for a safer, more convenient, and personalized way to visit with Santa Claus, and demand has skyrocketed! It’s estimated that by 2023, demand for virtual santa visits will eclipse the demand to visit Santa at the mall. 

Simply put, virtual santa visits offer significantly more value to families as well as a convenience factor that the traditional mall experience simply cannot match..  Virtual visits with Santa Claus offer:

1) More time with Santa!  Santa’s Club offers families the ability to spend anywhere from 5-15 minutes with jolly old St. Nick, compared to a 30 second visit at the mall.

2) No mall, no lines, no stress.  Why drive to the mall at the busiest time of the year and wait in line for hours, when you can schedule an online visit with Santa in just a few minutes.  You can now visit with Santa while sipping hot cocoa, and wearing your favorite pajamas.  

3) A fully personalized experience! The number one compliment we’ve gotten from parents is that their kids absolutely LOVE how personalized their virtual visits with Santa are.  Their children are SO surprised when Santa wows them and knows their best friends names, what they want for Christmas, what presents they received last year for Christmas, the name of their pets, etc.  It makes the experience so believable and magical for the children, and leaves families with priceless memories.

These are just a few of the many advantages of virtual santa visits, and why they are quickly becoming the newest tradition for families looking to spice up their holidays with some Christmas magic.