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Virtual Santa Visits Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Santa’s Club different than an in-person visit at the mall?

It’s More Convenient: The days of piling kids into the mini-van to stand in long and crowded lines are over. You can now meet with Santa from the comfort and safety of home.

You’ll Get More Time with Santa:  The typical mall visit will set you back 2-3 hours while your child is rushed through their 30 second visit. With Santa’s Club, jolly Saint Nick is all yours for a full 5-7 minutes with an option to upgrade your visit to 15 minutes long! Plenty of time for laughter, smiles, and priceless new memories.

It’s Personalized:  With Santa’s Club you’ll have the opportunity to share information about your child ahead of time such as their name, best friend, favorite TV show, what they want for Christmas etc… Santa will craft these details into a personalized experience that will surprise your child and leave them with a sense of awe.

It’s More Realistic: Your Santa’s Club visit will be broadcast live from Santa’s cabin in the North Pole where he will be seen in front of a live fireplace. You’ll never have to answer questions such as, “What is Santa doing at the mall, shouldn’t he be in the North Pole?”

It’s Not Creepy: Your child will feel safe and you won’t have to ask them to sit on a complete strangers lap. You can now visit with Santa while wearing your favorite pajamas and sipping hot cocoa.

On what dates will virtual visits with Santa be offered?

Visits with Santa begin on November 13th and will end on December 24th.  Santa’s schedule will fill up quickly, so we recommend you reserve your visit as early as possible. 

How many children can attend a virtual visit?

Live video conversations with Santa are designed to accommodate up to three children. If you have more than three children, they can still participate, however we recommend adding extra time to your visit to ensure Santa has enough time to deliver a personalized experience for each child.

Video messages from Santa are designed to accommodate one child to ensure a highly personalized message just for them.

You will have the option to share details about your child during the sign-up process (name, age, best friend, what they want for Christmas, and more!) and our experienced Santa’s will tailor a message just for them!

When will my keepsake video arrive, and what does it include?

Shortly after your visit we will email you a keepsake video of your live visit with Santa so you can easily share your new memories with your family and friends! You can expect it to arrive within 48 hours after completing your appointment.  Please be sure to tag @santas.club on Facebook and Instagram!

Can my baby or toddler visit with Santa? What about grown-ups?

Santa’s Club is for everyone!  We invite children of all ages to participate in the magic of Santa’s Club, even the littlest ones.  Dress them up in an adorable holiday outfit and share your keepsake video with all your loved ones.  Consider it your new interactive Christmas card for the holiday season.

As for you grown-ups, we all need some comic relief and joy in our lives, especially as we get older! We invite you to treat your inner child with a special gift while re-living your favorite Christmas memories.

How long is a Santa’s Club visit?

The days of waiting in line for hours at the mall, only to receive a rushed 30 second visit with Santa are over!

For our live video conversation packages, Santa is all yours for a full 5 minutes! Our Santas are expert story-tellers and will captivate your children with a personalized and magical visit.  Side effects of your time with Santa may include, excitement, giggles, and increased holiday cheer!

Personalized video messages from Santa are approximately 2-3 minutes long. 

Do I have to install any apps or software to join my visit?

Nope! We’ve made it super simple for you to connect with Santa. Simply click the meeting link in your confirmation email and it will connect you directly to Santa through your web browser.  That’s it!

All you need is a working webcam, microphone, and high-speed internet connection! We’ll take care of the rest.

How does Santa’s Club ensure a personalized visit for each child?

Our goal is to make your child’s visit with Santa as magical as possible.  During the sign up process you will have the opportunity to share details such as your child’s name, age, best friend, favorite TV show, what they want for Christmas…etc. The more you share, the more personalized we can make your visit.

What does a virtual visit with Santa look like?

Your visit will be broadcast live from Santa’s home in the North Pole.  All of our Santa’s are outfitted with HD cameras and light rigs to ensure the highest quality visual experience. 

What did Santa say to his wife?

It’s going to reindeer 😉

What is included in my mailed invitation from the North Pole? How long does it take to arrive?

The Complete Santa’s Club Experience begins with a mailed invitation from the North Pole welcoming your child into Santa’s Club.  The invitation includes a personalized envelope with your child’s name, Santa’s premium silver seal, a whimsical letter from Santa, and a magical wristband (snap bracelet) to encourage them to be on their best behavior throughout the Christmas season. 

The standard package comes with ONE invitation (personalized for ONE child).  You will have the option to purchase extra invitations for additional children during the checkout process.  Priority 3 Day Shipping with Tracking ($12 value) is included with your order.  This package is available to US residents only.

When Will My Invitations Arrive?

For the 2021 holiday season, we will begin shipping invitations in late October/early November.  You will receive a UPS tracking number when your package is on it’s way!

If you would like your child to receive their mailed invitation prior to their visit with Santa, please schedule your visit at least 5 business days from today to ensure sufficient time for delivery. 

What is your rebooking policy?

Santa’s Club understands that families are busy, especially around the holidays!  Our flexible rebooking policy allows you to reschedule your appointment one time with 48 hours notice.  Simply click the reschedule link in your confirmation email and select a new timeslot.

Please keep in mind that Santa is very popular and has limited timeslots.  Please reschedule as early as possible to ensure maximum availability.  

How do I send a Santa’s Club Gift Certificate?

Your search for the perfect holiday gift is over! Every package at Santa’s Club can easily be shared as a gift certificate. Get started by visiting our gift certificate page.

Can family members in other locations join my virtual visit?

While we would love to give you the ability to invite family members in other locations, Santa has asked us to limit the experience to one household to ensure the highest possible video streaming quality.

We will be sure to send you keepsake video from your visit so you can easily share your precious new memories with your family and friends!